BMW releases action short film for new X5M and X6M



Client: BMW

BMW releases action short film for new X5M and X6M

It's the largest viral production in BMW China's history so far, highlighting the superior on- and off road driving capabilities of the freshly face-lifted X5M and X6M, the strongest members of "BMW M".

At the heart of the campaign is the 4:30min. video "The Incident", filmed in true Hollywood format and manner:
When a military transport plane experiences engine failure in midst of a thunderstorm, the crew decides to eject its cargo. When the hatch opens, two BMW X5M models and one BMW X6M rush out into the open. While dropping through the sky their drivers are able to spot an old abandoned airfield in the distance. After releasing from their parachutes they race against the clock and across open fields to lead the tumbling plane to the runway and ultimately to a safe landing in the last minute.

Two short blockbuster-style trailers were released in advance to built up tension and lead the audience to the campaign website. A large launch event in Shanghai followed, which which featured a full scale model of the video's aircraft and was broadcasted live on the web. On the evening of the event, the full video was released to video platforms and quickly pushed the number of accumulated views above 9 million.

The video was filmed and produced in BMW's home country with genuine German military equipment. The campaign itself is following a successful line of annual viral campaigns for BMW M, kicked-off by "Beast inside" in 2010 and continued with "M Gladiators" in 2011.

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The BMW's 'Desert Circle' Stirs up Hot Discussions



Client: BMW

BMW "Desert Circle" Virals

It will be one of the most successful viral campaigns in China. BMW stirred up hot discussions on another level together with leading digital agency Interone China.

In mid-August BMW China released a series of viral videos and pictures in social networks, showing that a giant mysterious pattern in the Gobi Desert in Western China has appeared.

Magazines, newspapers, social platforms, and even China's state media and worldwide media, all reported on the strange phenomenon. There was much chatter suggesting the involvement of UFOs for this.

The news spread fast and became a hot topic just as BMW released a branded high performance video revealing the answer: the large desert circle was created by a group of young people with BMW 1 Series cars.

This campaign focused on the precise and agile driving capabilities of the rear-wheel driven BMW 1 Series family and the young and unique image of the line of cars.

BMW leveraged the buzz of the campaign to release another fast driving video and recruited people to participate in a driving challenge event. They received an overwhelming amount of applications.

All six campaign videos combined generated more than 18 Million views, putting BMW China on top of the social network talk.

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Client: MINI

Mini Countryman "Follow me"

The MINI Countryman got to go on a special mission: to be the "Follow-me" car for the Airbus A380 for its first flight under Chinese airlines in Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou. For the biggest of all passenger airplanes it was a natural MINI decision to send the smallest of SUVs to lead it safely across the airfield.

MINI asked Interone to communicate this special team and leverage the coverage for awareness.

The creative concept picked up on the fact that the A380 brought back some of the glamour and fascination that air traffic used to have in the 60s and 70s. We positioned the MINI Countryman as a classical Chinese hero in this and underlined the fact that it is an SUV.

Beyond print ads and billboards, the concept was also executed in interactive banner ads. Viewers could use their mouse to help and guide the plane land. This very simple ad was launched on the MINI official page on China's biggest SNS site kaixin001.com, whose audiences embrace interactive and innovative ideas a lot. Finally the ad drove over 2 million page views and 12,000 clicks with hot discussions online, and the image of MINI Countryman as a young and dynamic SUV was established more firmly.

Bosch universal washing and drying machine launch



Client: BOSCH

Bosch "Outdoor"

Bosch universal washing and drying machine is the first machine that launch by Bosch home appliance into the market which able to make a downwash as well as outdoor clothing washing and drying. The product USP was precise and the positioning was quite clear, thus Interone provide a communication solution that different from what was conduct in old times.

The core idea following the slogan of Bosch branding advertising "不反,不快" – roughly translating to "No opposite thinking, no fun", starts from the concept of Anti Outdoor-phobia to express the product features clearly out.

In executing progress, it starts with a planet that full of dirt and mud that represent the danger that we all facing in the outdoor environment, and then with characters like cow, rabbit, raining cloud and so on that also represent the experience of the outdoor dirty hazard. This aims to let target audience to easy understand and recognizes the main USP, also hoping through the hummer tone and manner that is more easily penetrate to the market. The whole case includes 3 TVCs, print ads, a product mini site and radio ads, with all these finish the integrated advertising on market.

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BMW M Gladiator Campaign



Client: BMW

BMW M "Gladiator"

Interone create another campaign for BMW's motorsport subbrand BMW M. The campaign announced the release of the new lightweight BMW M3 Coupé with carbon-fiber roof.

The creative concept "BMW M Gladiators" links directly to the core of the brand – conveying that in every true M driver there is a special gene – the M gene.

Interone created a viral video in which 3 BMW M drivers hear the inner call of the M gene and drive to a showdown place to rival for the new lightweight carbon-fiber BMW M3.

The video preceded a large launch event, combining the features of BMW M and the desire of the target audience for passionate driving. The integrated advertising communications further elucidated the yet fairly new sub brand's values to the Chinese market, becoming another milestone of the brand's marketing in the local market.

Canon China Website Relaunch



Client: CANON

Canon China Website Relaunch

Canon China is a rapidly growing company in a rapidly growing economy, offering a vast and diverse range of products, from their popular cameras to surveillance equipment and medical devices. However, due to the sheer size of each department within the company, each section of the website was controlled by a different business unit, often resulting in a fragmented message and a brand image which lacked unity.

Canon asked Interone to bring together all the different departments and provide a united face to users, for an integrated and cohesive new view of Canon China as a whole. The homepage, along with the second level pages for the Product Overview, Buying Guide, Customer Service, About Canon and the News Overview pages were brought together under a single design direction which clearly emphasized Canon's core message of "Delighting you Always". The revamped header and footer sections best show the new direction: open and service-oriented.

The first step of the relaunch was revealed to the public in late August 2011 with further steps to follow suit soon.

Hilton Mystery Destination Challenge



Client: HILTON

Hilton "Mystery Destination"

Hilton Worldwide assigned Interone China to develop a digital campaign under the 'Stay Hilton, Go Everywhere' umbrella, yet has to create buzz and consumer engagement in a market more populous and rapidly growing than any others worldwide.

When the brand wanted to appeal to the young and affluent Chinese travelers who are eager to see the world, the Hilton & Interone solution was: activate them, create curiosity, challenge them! The central message of the campaign highlights the fact that in addition to the well-known city locations, some of the best Hilton hotels are also found in many of the world's top holiday areas.

The purely web-based campaign sent 6 Chinese star bloggers to visit 8 worldwide mystery Hilton Hotels & Resorts destinations and enjoy wonderful holidays. They were requested to record their superior experiences and post pictures and articles on their blogs without revealing the name of property, city, country, or region.

A speculation contest on hilton.com.cn incited participation with a simple contest rule: guess where the destination is, submit the answer and have chance to win.

The campaign page attracted more than 327,000 viewers, and over 2 million people visited the bloggers' blogs, a huge success for the brand.

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